Teaching – Suraj Rampure

Teaching – Suraj Rampure

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CS 198-087 – Introduction to Mathematical Thinking DeCal (site)

All resources, including the notes for the course are on the course website, linked above.

Data 100 – Principles and Techniques of Data Science (site)

TA: Spring 2019, Fall 2018

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Resources from this semester:

1 - discussion slides
- marked-up worksheet
3 - marked-up worksheet
4 - walkthrough notebook on Kernel Density Estimation (raw)
5 - marked-up worksheet
- notebook on Transformations (raw)
- note on Eigenvalues vs. Singular Values
6 - discussion slides
- marked-up worksheet

Discussion Walkthrough Videos:

Exam Walkthrough Videos:

Notes and other resources:

CS 61A – Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs (site)

TA: Spring 2018


Data 8 – Foundations of Data Science (site)

TA: Fall 2017, Tutor: Spring 2017

Slides (from Fall 2017):


Notes and other resources:

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