Data 100 Resources – Suraj Rampure

Data 100 Resources – Suraj Rampure

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Spring 2020

Welcome to Data 100! If you’re in my discussions or labs, fill out this form to tell me more about yourself.

1 slides, marked-up worksheet
2 slides, marked-up worksheet
3 notebook on joins and pandas (raw)
4 N/A (notebook only)
5 marked-up worksheet

Archive from Previous Semesters

Here are some of the resources I created over the past few semesters for Data 100. I will re-link anything that becomes relevant under “Spring 2020”, so don’t worry about searching through this if you’re a current student.

Fall 2019 Discussion Resources:

2 slides, marked-up worksheet, video
3 slides, marked-up worksheet, video
4 N/A
5 marked-up worksheet, video, note on transformations
6 video, note on Kernel Density Estimation
7 note on PCA (raw)
8 slides, supplemental notebook (raw)
9 slides, marked-up worksheet, video
10 slides
11 slides, marked-up worksheet, video
12 N/A (midterm)
13 slides
14 N/A (Thanksgiving)
15 slides, marked-up worksheet

Spring 2019 Discussion Walkthrough Videos:

Exam Walkthrough Videos:


Review Slides:

Other Notes: