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Yosemite, California, USA (2017)

Introduction to Mathematical Thinking DeCal

All resources, including the course textbook (which features embedded lecture videos) are on the course website, http://imt-decal.org.

Data 100

TA: Fall 2018

Lab 121: Monday 4-5PM, Evans B6
Discussion 123A: Wednesday 4-5PM, LeConte 385

Lab 125: Monday 5-6PM, Evans B6
Discussion 125A: Wednesday 5-6PM, Evans 9

Office Hours: Thursday 3-5PM, Evans 342

Videos I've created: Other resources I've created:

CS 61A

TA: Spring 2018

While I didn’t teach a discussion section this semester, I created a few walkthrough videos:

Data 8

TA: Fall 2017, Tutor: Spring 2017

Here are the discussion slides that I created in FA17. Feel free to use and modify these slides, but please give me credit.

While teaching Data 8, I also created several review and walkthrough videos.

Other resources:

I also created this logo!